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The following publications are available with the Council of Architecture: -

The Directory of Architects comprises of names, registration numbers and addresses of those architects who have up-to-date renewals as on September 30, 2011, along with their telephone nos., fax, email, mobile etc., as available with the Council. The names of the architects have been arranged alphabetically within each city, state-city-wise.







Price : Rs.1000/- (Postage Charges : Rs.200/- extra)


The Handbook of Professional Documents consists of various COA documents (with up-to-date amendments) viz. the Architects Act, 1972, COA Rules, 1973, COA Regulations, 1982, COA (Minimum Standards of Architectural Education) Regulations, 1983 and Architects (Professional Conduct) Regulations, 1989. Further, it includes a number of documents on Architectural Practice and Architectural Education including Conditions of Engagement and Scale of Charges, Architectural Competitions Guidelines, Architects Professional Liability, Minimum Qualifications and Experience for Teaching Posts, The Revised Guidelines for admission to first year of five year degree course in architecture, Minimum Standards of Architectural Education Guidelines of Post Graduate Programme, 2006 and Guidelines for Degree of Ph.D. in Architecture etc. In addition, the Council of Architecture, in pursuance to Section 21 of the Architects Act, 1972, has prescribed the Minimum Standards of Architectural Education, 2008 which shall supplement the Regulations of 1983 and are included in the Handbook. Besides this, it also contains important orders, circulars and letters of Central/State Governments connected with implementation of the provisions of the Architects Act, 1972.

Price : Rs.250/- (Postage Charges : Rs.75/- extra)


 Traditional Architecture  

by Madhavi Desai 

 Price Rs. 1750/- (Postage charges extra)




 Architectural Practice in India 

Madhav Deobhakta (Revised Edition) 

Price Rs. 1750/- (Postage charges extra)




Seismic Safety in Architecture 

P. K. Das & A. R. Ramanathan 

  Price Rs. 1200/- (Postage charges extra)




 Research on Beauty (Architecture 1953-2008)

Anupama Kundoo  

Price Rs. 2000/- (Postage charges extra)



 Archiving '09 - Architectural thesis

(An archive of architectural thesis work by students who successfully participated in the intra-national awards programme for "Excellence in Architectural Thesis 2009") 

Price Rs. 2450/- (Postage charges extra)



The   National   Institute   of   Advanced Studies in Architecture and The Council of Architecture, has co-published a set of Books    from   the   CAAD Talks   series, edited by  Dr. Mao-Lin Chiu, an eminent professor of digital media, Taiwan.


1. CAAD Talks 4–Insights of Digital Cities (Colour; Pages:292)

2. CAAD Talks 5–Insights of Smart Environments (Colour; Pages:314)  

They are crisply printed books, from Archidata Co. Ltd., Taiwan , and are available at a special rate Rs.2000/- only, per set of two volumes, inclusive of delivery charges. This is part of the inaugural endeavour of NIASA’s Publishing Cell in publishing and distributing quality architectural related books / journals, for the various colleges of architecture in India .  

Payment is  to be made through DD, in the name of COUNCIL OF ARCHITECTURE, payable at NEW DELHI .








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