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Last Updated On: 22/01/2019

Committee on Recognition of Foreign Qualifications :

1.Ar. Kiran S. Mahajani, Convenor;

2.Ar. Rajiv Mishra, Member;

3.Ar. Chandan Parab, Member; and

4.Ar. J. Manoharan, Member.


Scrutiny Committee

1.Dr. Vandana Sehgal, Convenor;

2.Ar. Arvind Kumar Ahirwar, Member;

3.Ar. (Smt.) Usha Batra, Member;

4.Ar. Kapil Setia, Member;

5.Ar. Gajanand Ram, Member


Committee on Ranking of Architectural Institutions.

1. Ar. Pushkar Kanvinde, Convenor;

2. Ar. Rajeev Mishra, Member; and

3. Ar. Habeeb Khan, Member


Committee to study Information Technology (IT) Requirements of the Council.

1. Ar. Alok Ranjan, Convenor;

2. Ar. Ashutosh Kumar Agarwal, Member;

3. Ar. Mala Mohan, Member;

4. Ar. Shamit Manchanda, Expert; and

5. Ar. Anand Bhatt, Expert.








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