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Chapter - VI

Last Updated On: 18/11/2014

26.) Tribunal - When any dispute arises as a result of the election to the Council, the aggrieved party shall, within thirty days from the date of declaration of the result of the election, make an application giving full particulars of the facts supported by documentary evidence, if any, to the Secretary of the Council, who shall refer the matter to the Tribunal appointed by the Central Government under sub-section (2) of section 5.

28.) List of registered architects and cost of list - The council shall cause to be published in the Official Gazette list of registered architects along with their registration number as on the first day of April each year and the printed copy of the said list shall be made available on payment of a fee of Rs.2.

29.) Application for registration - Every architect who desires to have his name entered in the register shall submit an application in Form No. XI together with documentary evidence about his eligibility for registration accompanied by a draft of Rs. 600* in favour of the Secretary, Council of Architecture, New Delhi, for issue of a certificate of registration and the certificate of registration shall be issued in Form No. XII.

30.) Renewal fee - The renewal fee under sub-section (1) of section 27 shall be Rs.600* with an option for one time payment of Rs.6000*.

31.) Manner of endorsement on a certificate of registration:- As soon as the renewal fee is paid within the specified period, the Registrar shall endorse the certificate of registration in a separate space specifically left for the purpose stating that the certificate is valid upto the 31st December.............

32.) Restoration to the register - The Council may, on an application received in this behalf from a person whose name has been removed from the register due to non-payment of renewal fee, consider the eligibility of the restoration of his name in the register and restore his membership on payment of a restoration fee of Rs.1000*.

33.) Entry of additional qualifications - An architect who desires to have additional qualification entered in the register may do so by paying Rs.200** for each additional qualification and the additional qualifications shall be entered in the certificate of registration under a separate column.

34.) Duplicate certificate - Where it is shown with sufficient evidence to the satisfaction of the Registrar that the original certificate of registration has been lost or destroyed, a duplicate certificate shall be issued in Form No. XIII on payment of Rs. 600* and the fact of the issue of duplicate certificate shall be notified in the Official Gazette.

1. Amended by Notification GSR No. 1104 dated 26.9.1973.
*Amended by Notification GSR No. 173 dated 16.08.2014.



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