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Last Updated On: 02/06/2021


1. Sub-Committee for Preparation of DPR for Training and Research Centre of COA.

    1. Ar. Prof. Pushkar Kanvinde, Convenor

    2. Ar. Prakash Deshmukh, Member

    3. Ar. Prasanna Desai, Member

    4. Ar. Jayashree Deshpande, Director, COATRC, Member


2.  Sub - Committee on Professional Issues.

    1. Ar. Ashutosh Kumar Agarwal, Convenor

    2. Ar. Jatinder Saigal, Member

    3. Ar. Kapil Setia, Member

    4. Ar. Chandan Parab, Member

    5. Ar. B.V. Satish, Member


3. Sub- Committee for Revision of Eligibility Criteria for B.Arch Course

    1. Ar. Abhay Purohit, Convenor

    2. Ar. Ashutosh Kumar Agarwal, member

    3. Ar. A.R. Ramanathan, Special Invitee

    4. Ar. Arunabha Dasgupta, Special Invitee


4. Sub - Committee on Government Architects.

    1. Ar.  Kapil Setia, Convenor

    2. Ar. Gajanand Ram, Member

    3. Ar. Sanjiban Datta, Member

    4. Ar. Maitreyi Gupta, Member

    5. Ar. Nilakshi D. Sarma, Member

    6. Ar. N.K. Negi, Special Invitee


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