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Last Updated On: 03/01/2017

Committee on Recognition of Foreign Qualifications :

1.Ar. Kiran S. Mahajani, Convenor;

2.Ar. Rajiv Mishra, Member;

3.Ar. Chandan Parab, Member; and

4.Ar. J. Manoharan, Member.


Committee on Govt. Architects:

1.Ar. K. Udaya, Convenor;

2.Ar. R. Radhakrishnan, Member;

3.Ar. B. K. Sharma, Member;

4.Ar. George Lalzuia, Member;

5.Ar. P. S. Rajeev, Member ; and 

6.Ar. R. Ramesh Kumar, Member


Committee to Review the Profession and Education of Architecture in India :

1. Ar. Biswaranjan Nayak, President, COA & Chairman

2. Dr. Bimal Patel, Convener

3. Ar. Christopher C. Benninger, Member

4. Ar. Balbir Verma, Member

5. Ar. P.T. Krishnan, Member

6. Ar. Partha Ranjan Das, Member

7. Ar. Sanjay Mohe, Member

8. Ar. Brinda Somaya, Member

9. Ar. Rahul J. Mehrotra, Member

10. Ar. Prasanna Desai, Member

11. Ar. A. Srivathsan, Member

12. Ar. Abhimanyu Dalal, Member

13. Ar. Nitin R. Killawala, Member

14. Ar. Sudhir Vohra, Member





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