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NATA Coordination Committee

Last Updated On: 26-09-2023


    Committee is charged with the responsibility to prepare NATA 2020 Tender Document for conduct of online test; to prepare NATA 2020 Brochure; to supervise and monitor award of work to server provider; to decide time frame of exams; to decide on number of centers in India and Dubai; to lay down criteria for selection of questions setters, appoint questions setters, moderation of question, supervision of evaluation, moderation of evaluation;Declaration of results etc.
    Date of Constitution: 208th Meeting held on 13th December, 2020. The NATA 2020 Examination has been conducted successfully by the Council and for NATA 2021 the same Committee has been re-appointed by including with Prof. Shirish Sukhatme as Special Invitee. The Committee held its meeting on 07.01.2021, 02.02.2021, 06.03.2021, 15.03.2021, 19.04.2021 and 18.05.2021.