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COA Magazine - Architecture Time Space & People

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The Council of Architecture is involved in printing of publications related to Architectural Books which are useful for the architectural institutions, students and teachers. The books are supplied to the institutions at no profit basis. The Council of Architecture through its academic unit at Pune, encourages the research work and the research work undertaken by the teachers and students is published by the Council for benefit of the architectural fraternity. In terms of the Section 34 of the Architects Act, 1972, the Council also publishes Directory of Architects containing names, addresses, etc. of all Registered Architects in addition, the Council also punishes Handbook of Professional Documents biannually containing Act, Rules, Regulations and guidelines of the Council which is supplied free of cost to registered architects, architectural schools, various Government and Local authorities, organizations related to built environment and general public at large. The Council has also resumed the publications of its monthly e-newsletter. Further, a bi-monthly e-magazine named Architecture Time Space People is also published by the Council which is available on website of the Council. In order to promote search and advancements in Architecture, the Council also publishes works of eminent architects in form of books and journals in architecture from time to time in order to keep abreast the latest trend and practices in the field of Architecture worldwide.

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